Our Story

It wasn’t easy for us to reach here with you

Mindsplash is the result of extensive research over more than ten million student responses to thousands of questions over past fifteen years!

Our research included collection, evaluation and analysis of these responses from students. Before releasing Mindsplash into public domain, our hypothesis was successfully tested through pilot projects in various schools across India for last three years.

A lot of effort was put into research on appeal of the product. Appeal includes student attention duration to the content, increasing focus duration through questions that involve real life scenarios or interesting questions, gamification, motivation, incentives etc.,

As far as content is concerned, we listed down all the misconception students usually have in a given chapter and tried to build interesting questions based on them.

As far as technology is concerned, the product ensures that all the concepts are covered in a test through an adaptive algorithm which ensures that student never gets distracted off the content. The product is very well fragmented into simple 20-30min tests so that students will not get distracted.

We strongly believe that the effort we have put over last eight to ten years on various aspects of learning will definitely help in laying a very strong foundation to the students in science.

You can go through the FAQs to understand more about the product.