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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use mindsplash effectively?

Mindsplash is an e-assessment product. Go through mindsplash after your teacher had finished the topic in the class. Revise the topic through the notes in mindsplash. Then start answering the questions. Bookmark all the difficult or tricky questions so that you can revise them later. Once all the topics in a chapter are completed, you will unlock Olympiad section. Answer all the questions in Olympiad section.

What is this redeem earnings feature?

If you are a yearly subscription user, you can redeem your earnings at Mindsplash! This is first of its kind feature! You can redeem earnings in multiple of every 25 diamonds. Once you redeem, a surprise gift will be sent to your home within ten business days!

What are addons?

Add ons are special question packages which are Examination oriented. For example, you may have packages dedicated to examinations like NTSE, NSEJS, PRMO etc., You can buy these add ons either through money or you can buy them by redeeming your earnings!

What are custom tests?

Custom tests is an interesting feature where you can create tests from your own custom syllabus. You can create custom tests by selecting at least 3 chapters. You can have your own difficulty level for these custom tests!

What are Olympiad Questions?

Olympiad questions include past five to six years questions from a selected chapter from various Olympiads you take at school like National Science Olympiad, International Olympiad of Science, etc.

How are diamonds and jades awarded?

Diamonds are awarded for accuracy of questions you answer. Jades are awarded for time you spend on Mindsplash. Note that diamonds can be redeemed for gifts or addons.

I still have an unanswered query!?

If you still have any further query, write to us at info@mindsplash.in Our team will get back to you.